Rhetorical Analysis Of Phone Calls By Turkle

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In the essay by Turkle, she identifies people’s personal experience with phones calls and how they feel about the topic. Towards the beginning of her essay, she indicates why it matters when she claims that when we answer phone calls, we think of it as time consuming and requiring a considerable sense of commitment. Turkle claims, “Technologies live in complex ecologies. The meaning of any one depends on what other are available…Although we still use the phone to keep up with those closes to use, we use it less outside this circle. Not only do people say that a phone calls asks too much, they worry it will be received as demanding too” (p. 375). Turkle’s point is that we always have our phones by us, but not always for phone calls. Turkle uses her personal recourses and network to ask many people from classmates to lawyers to professors and their responses were quite similar. …show more content…

Elaine also brings up a great point saying that teens run away from phone calls, but adults are just as guilty. In addition, Tara, the lawyer, also avoids phone calls and says she mostly uses email for her business purposes. Moreover, Leonora, the professor says she usually communicates over emails and strictly says she does not participate in phone calls. Perhaps, the strategy that Turkle is using is by asking people around her what their views are on phone calls and if they use it. Quick messages like emails or text messages are much more preferred than phone calls because one is able to respond whenever he or she wants. It makes a difference when Turkcle explains why it matters because she is using personal evidence from people and that largely supports her essay. These are people who are close in age with her and some who are her seniors and the response is vastly

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