Telemakhos Rhetorical Analysis

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Pathos neatly describes the tone of Telemakhos’s speech towards the suitors, which did end up having a guilty effect on majority of the people, but surprisingly not all of them. As it states in the text, “ Let me lament in peace my private loss..” (Homer 2.75). The quote shows that Telemakhos is trying to cope with his father being gone, but isn’t getting the chance to do just that. Instead, he is trying to soak up the idea of being a leader, like his father, to his people. In all honesty, not everyone is going to feel some type of sympathy for Telemakhos for example, “and no one there had the audacity to answer harshly except Antinoos..” (Homer 2.89). The reader can infer that Antinoos didn’t care for Telemakhos’s problems, but much rather

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