Social Responsibilities Of Amazon's Lesson: Social And Social Comparison

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Most major companies have embraced the power of CSR to drive brand affinity while also effecting tangible positive social and environmental impact, but some corporations remain conspicuously absent from the CSR landscape., dubbed by its own hometown as a "corporate scrooge," is one of those companies notably turning a blind eye to demands for CSR. But now, the online retail giant may be changing its tune.
There were four pillars to Amazon’s CSR:-
•Economic responsibilities - As a foundation companies are responsible to produce goods and services in a profitable matter. In addition companies create jobs and create career opportunities. All other functions are underpinned by the economic role of business in society. •Legal responsibilities - Although companies have their economical fundamental role they are expected to comply with the laws and regulations of the country they operate in. The legal expectations apply to companies, as juristic entities that can act as persons, and the employees they employ regardless of their responsibility.

•Ethical responsibilities - Companies are also expected to comply with the ethical norms of a society. Because these are normally not written in law and are therefore not a legal requirement it is difficult for companies to behave and follow it. However there is an inherent link between legal and ethical emergence of new laws. It can be expected that current ethics will be used in

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