Does Globalization Contribute To Sustainable Prosperity Essay

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To what extent does globalization contribute to sustainable prosperity for all people? Globalization contributes largely to sustainable prosperity for all people. Sustainable prosperity is when people of any ethnicity,religion or gender have all their needs met, all have an equal opportunity to create wealth and all to have the chance to pursue happiness. There are many groups that try to make sure everyone has sustainable prosperity. Based on the perspective demonstrated the source should be embraced to a certain extent. Many corporations contribute to sustainable prosperity for all people such as Syncrude. They provide thousands of jobs every year to help people gain wealth. Lots of other companies have the same types of affects. These companies give all people chances to create wealth and opportunity.Economic prosperity is important because if you do not have it you will …show more content…

Trade Liberalization by definition is reducing trade barriers so that goods and services can move around the world more easily. These agreements have helped many people.So something that exemplifies trade liberalization would be the WTO(World Trade Organization) it helps open up trading but also if you do not abide by the rules you will be fined. You are not forced to pay the fine but if you do not no one will want to trade with you because the WTO has so much power. Comparatively the North American Free trade agreement has done quite a bit to open up trade. It was signed 1989 but it really started working Jan 1st 1994, from 1994 till 2000 exports from Canada to the US rose by over 150 billion dollars. The NAFTA has created more than 3 million jobs.That had a huge impact on sustainable prosperity jobs were created and the economy was booming. The European Union also has created a liberalized trading area which has made the world nearly completely free which has benefited numerous people in many different

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