Negative Effects Of Globalization: The Rwanda Genocide

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Globalization is a massive thing that affects every person on the planet in one way or another. This source raises the argument that globalization is a disease that harms people in more ways then it helps and needs to be stopped before it wipes out the human race. This raises a good point is some ways because globalization does harm humans in many way such as losing jobs due to outsourcing and the people who get the outsourced jobs are put into horrible working conditions and underpaid without benefits. But it also helps in some ways with trade and communication strengthening the relations of countries. I do agree with the source that globalization harms many people but not quite to the extent that the author goes to, I think that we should …show more content…

The genocide was an after affect of the scramble for Africa by European countries who help no regard for the people who already lived their. In the scramble for Africa many European countries raced to make claims on land in Africa that was already lived on by natives, they mistreated the natives and killed and enslaved many of them. This was prevalent in Rwanda when the belgians imperialized the land. The belgians sent the Hutus who were the majority of the population into slavery and lead to mass deaths of their people. But they lead the land through another ethnic group the tutsis who made up about 15% of the population compared to the 85% population of Hutus. This made large divides between the two cultures and later many civil conflicts between the groups. In 1994 when the president 's plane was shot down the government and Hutu militants blamed the Tutsis, radio broadcasts across the country encourages Hutus to take revenge and kill the Tutsis, in the end an estimated 800000 to 1 million people died. The globalization of Belgians colony and the scramble for africa through that part of the world into a blood conflict of cultures and terrorist/militant groups that still rages on …show more content…

They might say that trade allows you to have fruit and vegetables in the dead of winter, but they don 't stop to think about the human cost of having that food. They don 't think about the people being worked to death on plantains growing the food every day of their lives. They may be happy that globalization has made their country rich and that it keeps getting richer, but they don 't consider the developing countries how have people dieing of starvation everyday while they have too much food to eat but it is never reported by the media an aspect of globalization because isn 't an interesting enough story. But overall globalization isn 't a totally bad thing it just has some issues it has proved aid to countries when they need it and spread cures to diseases that killed many people. It is also leading to a global community that is uniting more countries in peace. Globalization has its bad sides but is not all bad, it has lead to a greater trade network between countries and has saved lives by spreading information, medicine, clean water and food. But it also has its major down sides like outsourcing resulting in lower prices for goods but lost jobs for developed countries and poor paying, miserable jobs for developing countries. So, overall i think that globalization is good in some ways but In the past and present it has affected many people

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