Summary Of Globalization The Super Story By Thomas Friedman

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Do you ever wonder find yourself wondering how we lived in a world without the internet, smartphones, and televisions? This new world of technology that we live in today is do to the globalization “super story”, which enables us to put things in ways we, individually, can comprehend. Thomas Friedman, an American journalist and three time Pulitzer Prize winner, suggest in his article “Globalization: The Super Story”, that the world has shifted from the international Cold War system to the new international system of Globalization. In other words, the world has adapted to a system of integration rather than divide. Overall, I perceived the article to be terrifying convincing, yet, upon further review I discovered to issues and lack of empathy from Friedman 's point of view. All and all I believe friedman did an extraordinary job explaining the changes that took, but did a subpar job offering positivity and solutions. The old international system, which was abandoned in the late 1980s, was The Cold War System. This system was characterized by division and had two main superpower nations, the United States and the Soviet Union. Under this system, countries and companies were threatened and given opportunities based on who they were divided against. With that being said, most people did things in a way that reflected the position of their state or nation. The second type of system Friedman discusses is Globalization, which became accepted in the late 1980s. Under this new

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