Wal-Mart: Social Sustainability And Social Responsibility

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SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY As we defined above that social responsibility is to protect and enhance well-being of living things. Every organization is socially responsible to protect the environment and they can do there much which is legally required for the organizations. The very first social responsibility of every business is that to earn enough profit to meet his expenses. If the firm cannot earn profit no social need and social responsibility can be met by the firm the firm fails.
The strategists should examine the social issues that can give firm most benefits. They can also see social problems in terms of benefits and potential cost to the firm.
SOCIAL POLICY As the name suggest it is concern with the responsibilities …show more content…

The sustainability report includes labor practices, energy efficiency, product sourcing, business ethics practices, and impact on natural environment. To provide annually sustainability report to the shareholders is good for the businesses. The well-known store in United States the WAL-MART annually provides a sustainability report to his shareholders. Wal-Mart and his suppliers both are work to gather to provide these reports. Wal-Mart not only monitors the price of products by the vendors but also monitor the vendor’s social responsibility and environmental practices. Most of the firms now use sustainability report of Wal-Mart as guideline or model for their own report …show more content…

Firms which are managing environmental affairs their relations with consumers, vendors, regulators, and other industries are increasing and improving their sustainability to the success. The environmental strategies include developing green business, divesting environmental-damaging business, Struggle to become low cost producer, through energy conservation and waste minimization, and implementing different strategy through green product features. The firms can include environmental representative in their board of directors, announce bonus for the favorable environmental results, establish environmental oriented objectives, include environmental values in mission statements, and provide environmental training program for firm managers and employees.
WHY FIRMS SHOULD “BE GREEN” The consumers now demand for the products which are environmentally safe and having high packaging. Firms can be protect the natural environment demand by the public. In the United State about 20 million people are supporting environmental groups. The regulations from the federal and state governments are changing rapidly and becoming more complex. Most of the consumers, distributors, suppliers, and investors are closing business with environmentally weak firms. The fines and suits

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