Nikon Value Chain Analysis

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4. Analysis of strategic capacities of Nikon Corporation This section analyzes the strategic capability Nikon. It starts with a value chain analysis, followed by a VRIN evaluation to determine whether there is any capacity can be sustained competitive advantage. 4.1 Value chain analysis Porter developed the value chain to help determine the internal activities for a competitive advantage, and which are not. The method includes breaking the company into five "major" and four "support" activities, and then looked at each one to see if they give a cost advantage and quality advantages. Primary Activities Inbound logistics Nikon has been working with a number of suppliers around the world. They establish a flexible system with other suppliers…show more content…
On product packaging, they have marked on environmental policies, including the volume and weight loss related to containers and packaging, manual, and to reduce the thickness of continuous improvement. Furthermore, they are renewable resources effectively utilized. Distribution With the help of UPS Supply Chain Solution from 2005, Nikon developed the synchronized supply chain strategy. This strategy significantly Nikon shorten the supply chain and improve distribution market and customers. Meanwhile, with the help of professional distributors, Nikon can focus more on developing new products and improve product quality. Delivery to retailer UPS coordinated multi-model shipment from South Korea, Japan, Indonesia and Nikon manufacturing center, and uses its own warehouses repackaged camera and ship the final packages the cameras and the final package retailers across the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean. Marketing and…show more content…
They also offer training programs to improve their skills and prepare mentally and physically for their responsibilities in the company. Technological Development With the company’s vision of “Meeting needs. Exceeding expectations.” This means that the response data and Nikon in its core technology center for the collection, research and development. To innovative technologies and intuitive software combines customers can be assured that their Nikon equipment is second to none. Procurement Nikon 's management strategy is about the "Nikon Basic Procurement Policy" in the title and traders classified. The equal opportunities policy is moving toward commercial suppliers. In addition, Nikon participate in the "Global Compact" advanced the United Nations. Spirit and the implementation of corporate social responsibility activities they respect the ten principles of the Global Compact, sincerity material procurement. Therefore, the organization 's profits earned through the effective use of the value chain are depicted. 4.2 VRIN Framework The VRIN framework verifies, on what basis organizational skills, be a source of sustainable competitive advantage and superior economic

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