Value Chain Analysis Of Ford Motor Company

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Question 2: To do a resource-based analysis of any organization, it needs to go through different steps, first identify the three categories of the resources , the tangible ,intangible, and the human resources , second identify the capacity of the organization to put its resources for a desired end and in good use, third to decide on suitable strategy for the organization we need to do SWOT analysis to determine the organization strength and weakness compared to the competitors, third what are the key successful factors of the organization that can be determine by identifying the customers of the organization and their needs, and what the organization will do to survive the competition ( Hall&Keynes,2015) also audit analysis to Ford resources , and value chain analysis to Ford activities . In the next section, there will a brief explanation about the steps mentioned above , followed by an application to each step to, Ford motor which was incorporated in Delawae in 1919, it is a global automotive industry leader in Dearborn and Michigan, distributed vehicles across six continents the core business of Ford , designing and manufacturing cars, marketing , financing and servicing a full line of Fords cars, trucks, SUVs, and electrified cars, and Lincoln luxury car (Ford annual report,2015). Resource-based view (RBV) is an essential theory for strategic managers , considering the organization resources the assets , capabilities organization

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