Organizational Structure Of Ford Motor Company

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Ford motor company 's organizational structure is based on business requirements under the condition of different markets around the world. Enterprise organization structure defines the components and their interaction system configuration. In the case of ford, the organization structure is directly related to the status of the global auto industry. Ford 's international operations also decided against competition and the key structure components required for market risk. In this respect, as the second largest U.S. automakers ford is to show the effectiveness of its organisational structure to support continuous business growth and high performance.
Enterprise level - Ford in its organizational structure have a traditional company hierarchy. For example, executive vice President, report to the CEO Mark Fields. Middle managers report to the executive vice President. Ford 's organizational structure to support this feature is for the purpose of effective top-down control method of the traditional business management.
Regional geography department - Ford in its organizational structure has a great deal of geographical division. In general, the global company to every continent or its business into several areas of the subcontinent. However, ford 's organizational structure is divided into three regions division, only covers all markets around the world. Characteristics of the organizational structure of the potential impact is relatively easy to integration of business

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