Macmillan's Structure And Organisational Structure Of Macmillan

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This is an example of flat organisational structure as there is no middle management.
The organisational structure of Macmillan Is split up into 6 different sections. The first and most important sector is the chief executive whose job it is to make the big decisions and to manage the major operations and resources of the company and finally acting as the main communicating point between board of directors and corporate operations, and then there is a board of trustees that the chief executive rely on to help them with the important decisions.
Underneath the Chief executive, there is 5 different sectors in Macmillan that are run under the Chief executive and the board of trustees. Which they have to keep under control first sector is services …show more content…

And public affairs which Is the things that affect everyone under the Macmillan company or the issues of the relationship between the public and Macmillan itself an finally policy
Thirdly sector under the vice executive control is External affairs which is Macmillan foreign policy, a set of goals about how particular countries will interact on an official basis. There is six sections under foreign policy these are; customer management, brand, digital media inspiring millions, uko communications and finally marketing planning.
Then there is fundraising which consists of five different sectors. This is including community fundraising, customer care (data quality, operations centre and supporter donations) then there is high value which is an expectation of Macmillan this contains (account managing, corporate partnerships, high value planning and finally philanthropy)
Next, there is mass this contains 5 sections in it these are:
• challenge …show more content…

The organisational structure affects communication within Macmillan as each sector on the bottom of the structure has a team or a least a group of qualified people that are used to get the most out of each area. Then they would feed back to the chief executive with meetings where they are able to discuss and decide on the future. Meetings are valuable as they are a good place to learn about the organisation and can help meet objectives. Also through the sending of emails through the organisation or using a fax machine which both can send vital documents throughout the organisation?
Also, the organisational structure communicate to the customers for example charities like Macmillan use social media to express adverts and to expose their message to the general public .this helps create a cross platform campaign. They also use advertising on TV and the internet to gain attraction with their adverts that create acknowledgement and interest in the charities

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