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Science 1. Free ears in dogs are controlled by dominant allele (F), and attached ears are controlled by the recessive allele (f). In addition, Short dogs is due to a dominant allele(S), and long hair is due to a recessive allele (s). Which of the following is the genotype of the dogs with free ears and short hair? a. ffss b. FfSs c. ffSs d. Ffss 2. A blood sample taken from a patient who has an infection can be expected to show which of the following? a Elevated white blood cell count b Elevated red blood cell count c Reduce red blood cell count d Reduce White blood cell count 3. Which of the following organs remove nitrogenous waste from the body? a. Liver b. Large Intestine c. Kidneys d. Gall Bladder 4. An individual cell is able to make…show more content…
Which of the following unit is used to indicate mass? a. Cm3 b. Um c. Mg d. mL 21. Which of the following demonstrate a chemical reaction of water? a. Water boils to produce steam at 100 C (212 F) b. Water produces gas with sodium metal c. Water and oil separate when combined d. Water dissolves sugar 22. In the experiment, students put brine shrimp in water with different concentration of salt and counted the number. Which of the following changes to the experiment will increase confidence in the validity of the result? a. Count the number of dead brine shrimp instead of living brine shrimp b. Add more brine shrimp to the water with the highest salt concentration c. Repeat the experiment several times, and calculate the average number of brine shrimp d. Reduce the length of the experiment from 24 hours to 8 hours. 23. Where is the information stored in DNA? a. Deoxyribose sugars b. Phosphodiester bonds c. Phosphate groups d. Nitrogenous bases 24. Acid chyme produced by stomach is neutralized In the intestine by which of the following? a. Pancreatic secretions b. Brush- border enzymes c. Gastric juice 25. In which of the following locations does the development of blood call take place? a. Bone Marrow b. Spongy…show more content…
Which of the following is the appropriate prefix to measure the amount of space taken up? A. Mili B.Deca C.Kilo D.Micro 38. In addition to oxygen and carbon dioxide, the circulatory system is the primary delivery system for? A.cerebrospinal fluid B.exocrine secretions C.biliary fluids D.endocrine hormones 39. a biology class wants to perform an experiment to investigate the effect of different colors of light of green, yellow, red and clear cellophane and plant three seeds in each one. What part do the three seeds experiment? A,Confounding variables B.Independent variables C.Control variables D.Dependent variables 40. Iodine directly helps which of the following glands to function properly? A.Pancreas B.Thyroid C.Adrenal D.Pituitary 41. Genes are made of which of the followings types of sequences that code for one or more proteins? A.Nucleotide B.tRNA C.Protein D. Chromosome 42. Which of the following is a characteristic of a good hypothesis? A.Original idea not based observation B.Raises further questions C.Should be testable D.Contains more than two variables. 43. Which of the following gland regulate the function of other glands in the endocrine

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