Corporation Essays

  • For-Profit Corporations

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    For-profit corporations must balance their needs with the needs of their customers. Corporations have a duty to make a profit so that their owners and shareholders can enjoy a return on their investment. If a corporation fails to make a profit they will eventually cease to exist as people will not invest in an organization that is not profitable. Corporations that solely focus on profit and neglect the needs of their customers will suffer the same fate as the corporation who does not profit at all

  • Crown Corporations In Canada

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    Function and Practice of Crown Corporations in Canada Crown corporations have been used as solutions to regional economic developmental problems in Canada (Rice & Lavoie, 2005). Where it is more efficient and cost-effective to operate the solution in a business capacity. However, at times, commercial interests and competitive pressures contend with each other, conflicting with the original policy mandate. Crown corporations are employed most commonly in sectors of transportation, agriculture, telecommunication

  • Interstellar Corporation Code Of Ethics

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    Introduction: The Advanced Data Transmission Corporation (ADTC) operate in the industry of satellite data transmissions and the corporation has been awarded an agreement to launch a space corporation. As such, the organization will manage all satellite data transmission from its interplanetary corporation and third world nations will accommodate subsidiaries for the parent company. Additionally, the company would manage all resources of the interplanetary corporation in the most efficient manner and allocation

  • Disadvantages Of Multinational Corporations

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    Multinational corporations can be defined as enterprises operating in several countries but are managed from their home country. Generally, any company that acquires a quarter of its revenue from operations outside of its home country is considered to be a multinational corporation. Today the multinational corporations have a radical effect on the economic system all over the world. This is due to the growth of international business of the multinationals, which has tremendous effect on the traditional

  • Monster Beverage Corporation Essay

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    For this assignment, the publicly traded company that I found most interesting to study for this class was Monster Beverage Corporation. What fascinates me most about this company is how big this brand has expanded in the relative short period of time. Their nucleus for success is breaking the mold of conventional advertising and product endorsement. They have a huge vestment in extreme sports, music bands, models, athletes etc. which reaches beyond the norm of today’s companies. I found out why

  • Comparison Of Corporation And Karl Marx

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    Introduction Corporation is a single unit that is dispersed from its shareholders and it involves a legal individual with their own right. Corporation and Karl Marx link together as corporation illustrates the influence between human beings and the society we living in, meanwhile Marx’s identified his ideology through alienation, labour, revolution and economy which are core features. In this following assignment corporation and Karl Marx ideology will be discussed through comparison, using the

  • The Stakeholders In The Broderick Corporation Case

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    defined as “those groups without whose support the organization will cease to exist. (Kosnik 1).” In other words, a stakeholder is any group that if it does not support the business, then the business will not function. For this case, the Broderick Corporation is the business. The stakeholders mentioned in this scenario include upper-level management and employees of the company, such as Phil Prior and the other staff. Both of these stakeholders are considered to be internal stakeholders, or people who

  • Corporation Liability Case Study

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    Corporation Liability Third, as an employer, CS had a legal duty to supervise its employees and is responsible for the acts performed within the scope of employment. This is known as the doctrine of respondeat superior according to Nowak (1999). When employees participate in torturous or criminal activity, the company is primarily responsible from these illegal acts and can be held legally accountable for the employee's wrongdoing unless it can be proven that the employee acted clearly out of the

  • The Corporation Ethos Pathos Logos

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    Mr Reyes 12/04/2015 The Corporation The documentary The Corporation directed by Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott and Joel Bakan shows the influence of corporations in today’s society. It allows its audience to create their own opinion and debate concerning the role of corporations, it analyze the nature and the impact of its modern business. A corporation is today’s dominant institution. It is a group of individual working together to serve a variety of objective. Corporations are created in order to

  • The Importance Of Corporations In The United States

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    Corporation Opinion Essay The United States’ entire economy was built upon the idea of capitalism, private ownership, and this can be seen in many of their institutions. One of the most prevalent examples would be the corporations that have expanded to every corner of the world. These corporations are institutions whose purpose used to be for the public good but now strive to maximize profit for its shareholders, people who bought shares of the company. Due to this goal corporations will use any

  • Executive Summary Of Toolscorp Corporation

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    Executive Summary ToolsCorp Corporation is a domestic manufacturer of power tools, lawn mowers, lawn furniture, microwaves, and ranges. The company is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee and has been in businesses since 2014. The company sells its products to homeowners and small businesses through local hardware stores. It also has an online store front through which products can be purchased and shipped directly to customers in the United States and Canada. The company’s primary focus is to expand

  • External Strengths Of Comcast Corporations

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    Comcast Corporations (External and Internal) Comcast Corporations is the largest American multimedia company that is based out in Philadelphia. Having being the most important within the United States that provides broadcasting, cable and home internet company in the world, it is the third largest home television service provider. Having two branches of business Comcast Cable and NBCUniversal, which they have owned since 2011 the business has operations from production to distribution and communications

  • The Benefits Of Corporations During The Civil War

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    Certain modern corporations are "monsters trying to devour as much profit as possible,” these are known as bad apples. The system of corporations has developed throughout history to the point where it is at today. When corporations first started, they only thought of how to help the public good instead of thinking only of the profit the owners could pocket. During the Civil War, corporations grew and evolved in a way that would lay the base out for the way modern corporations go about business. Corporations

  • Nexus: Corporation And Sales Tax Return

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    Nexus In order to know if a corporation is liable to charge sales tax or is required to do an income tax return in a certain state other than its incorporated state; the company must know if any nexus existed in that other state. According to the Sales tax Institute; “Nexus is known as sufficient physical presence, is the determine factor of whether an out-of-state business selling products into a state is liable for collecting sales or use tax on sales into the state” (What is Nexus?, n.d.). There

  • The Pros And Cons Of Transnational Corporations

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    A transnational corporation is a very powerful actor with a significant foreign direct investment and physical operations in two or more countries. While these corporations have always existed in the world economy, they have become even larger over the past few decades, leaving many to wonder if they are gaining too much power. As with any powerful entity, people have begun to ponder whether these corporations are villains or heroes in the world economy. For some like consumers, companies, and host-country/world

  • Pros And Cons Of Multinational Corporations

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    Transnational Corporations (TNCs) firstly were called just international businesses, to recognize them from firms that worked in local or national markets. At that point for a long time, the term multinational corporations were connected to the firms that worked in a few diverse national markets. As worldwide markets and generation structures have developed, the final term has gotten to be transnational corporations, where the preface trans means to go beyond. In last years, Transnational Corporations (TNCs)

  • Reasons For The Decline Of Crown Corporations In Canada

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    The Decline of Crown Corporations in Canada Crown Corporations are major public enterprises that are owned and ran by one entity, that assist the public's needs in issues such as distribution, price of goods and public transportation. They are formed through the legislation in the government under the federal and provincial companies, similar to the private sector companies. Crown Corporations are operated at arm's length from the government, and are only tied through budget and spending (Barker

  • Target Corporation Swot

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    Strengths Target corporation has a very strong brand recognition across the United States and Canada. The red and white bullet logo stands out and is the iconic symbol of Target. With such popularity, Target is expected to meet the needs of their customers and it is expressed through their marketing tactics, “expect more-pay less”. Their main shoppers are typically women aged in their early 40’s with children. With majority of their of shoppers being parents, customers require high quality products

  • Credit Officer For Diversified Consolidated Corporation

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    management Good Credit Reference Introduction with Relevant Facts A case analysis and recommendation has been prepared based on the case information provided (UoPeople, 2018): Kathy Ryan is a credit officer for Diversified Consolidated Corporation

  • Comcast Cable Corporation: Company Overview

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    Comcast Cable Corporation is a global media and service provider. They offer media sources and outlets via NBC Universal. Comcast also offers cable TV, internet, voice, as well as, home security and management options through their Xfinity brand. These services and the associated customers will be the primary focus of my narrative. According to, “Comcast Cable is one of the nation's largest video, high-speed Internet and phone providers to residential and commercial customers under the