Amazon Is A 21st Century Deal With The Devil Analysis

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The opinion piece published by the Los Angeles Times, “ Is a 21st Century Deal with the Devil,” by Amy Koss states her central argument that Amazon is destroying jobs, malls, and stores in the outside world. I strongly disagree with the statement that Amazon is destroying jobs and stores because I believe Amazon brings convenience by allowing people to sell things they might not need that others do. According to Koss,” I also think that it is at the convenience of consumers who have a difficult time going outside because of a medical issue or if they’re just lazy because of the fact that they can order something and have it delivered to them in less than a few days with an even cheaper price tag. Online shopping on Amazon allows others to earn jobs as well because they might work from home and work for Amazon or they might deliver items to the consumer. Some people may even start their own online selling business on Amazon. Amy Koss even states that it’s a cheaper way of buying products ”’Do you want it cheap? Less than anywhere …show more content…

Athletes sometimes silently protest to make changes to what they believe is wrong. The Washington Post published an article called,’The athlete as agent of change’ which discusses stories about athletes kneeling or facing away from the flag during the national anthem. For example,”...Toni Smith, the then 21-year old senior guard on the Manhattan College women’s basketball team who expressed her opposition to the Iraq War in 2003 by turning her back on the flag.” Toni Smith expresses her belief that she does not want the United States to go to war with Iraq because she thinks it is wrong. This experience shows how her value was that she probably thought they were innocent and knew that she doesn’t want innocent citizens to get injured or killed. This could have been an experience other people have viewed and changed their opinion on how they viewed the Iraq

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