How Did John Lewis Impact Society

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John Lewis was a civil rights activist and an American politician. John gained a notable profile because of his work that he had done in the civil rights movement by being a chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee also known as the SNCC which he commissioned the structure. The SNCC is a youth-led, nonviolent campaign against segregation and different types of racism. John Lewis was born on February 2, 1940 near Troy,Alabama, but unfortunately died on July 17,2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. He went to a segregated school and his parents encouraged him to not mind the discrimination he will receive. When he was a young teenager he was influenced by the Montgomery Bus Boycott which encouraged him to enter the civil rights movement, and he was also influenced by two famous civil rights leaders Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks because of how courageous they were. Lewis had the strong feeling of wanting to desegregate Troy State College and went to go tell his parents about …show more content…

He started in 1965 when he first did peaceful marches with about 600 people during the American civil rights movement with Horsa Williams in support of Voting Rights Act. They marched to make sure that they as African Americans have their constitutional right to vote. The act protested so African American had the same right to vote. The protest worked in their favor which lead to the 36th president of the United States, President Johnson sign it into the law. Lewis was estatic that it worked out so now all people had the same voting rights as one another. . Johns work for the African Americans is stil important today because it shows that all people have the same voting rights and no one is better or superios than eachother. His legacy should always remind us that we should always fight for justice even though it might be tough, and people must not be afraid they must be hopeful and

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