How Did John Lewis Affect The Civil Rights Movement

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During the Jim Crow Era, black people in particular were treated less favorably than their white counterparts. There was segregation in schools, jobs, and many public spaces. This took place during the 1960s in the South. During this time, people protested with sit-ins, marches, and walkouts. There were many other methods people used, and many ended up being arrested due to their protests. This affected people all across America, but specifically black people. However, racism and segregation happened mainly in the South because it is historically known to be racist towards black people and people of color. This was a huge problem because it affected a large group of people poorly. Because of segregation, black people lost access to a good education …show more content…

In 1960, John Lewis created the group SNCC, which focused on helping protestors know what to do when attacked during a protest. They learned to make eye contact with their attacker. If they made eye contact, there was a chance the person would see the human side of them and stop. They were taught to never be rude or aggressive toward anyone, and never post bail. By creating this group, Lewis played a big part in the civil rights movement because the group participated in so many protests. Soon after Lewis formed SNCC, a group of four college students staged a sit-in at the Woolworth Lunch Counter on February 1, 1960. The students asked to be served and would not leave until they were served or arrested. SNCC joined this protest, as did many other supporters. As a result, on July 25, 1960, department store lunch counters were desegregated. On March 4, 1961, a group of college students wanted to desegregate bus depots. They rode buses through Alabama, which was known for its extreme racism at the time, and ignored any laws that segregated the buses. A huge protest happened on March 7, 1965. It was the march from Selma to Montgomery. People marched the 54 miles between Selma and Montgomery to get more registered black voters. Even though the protestors followed their training from SNCC, they were still met with extreme violence from Alabama state troopers on Edmund Pettis Bridge. This event triggered many people, and two days later, they continued their march with many supporters. All across America, the protestors made changes. They made laws people had to follow, which affected everyone. In Alabama, there were many protests, such as the march from Selma to Montgomery, the Freedom Rides, and the Montgomery bus boycott. In North Carolina, the Greensboro sit-ins took place. As a result of these events, the group John Lewis created helped other activists change laws and give people of color

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