Woody 2000 Case Study

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Project Concept and Strategy

a. Was the Woody 2000 project well-conceived? Give reasons for your opinion.

Ans. When a project is to be conceived, it broadly needs its planners to:

- Lay down the objectives of the objectives of the project
- Lay down the strategies, to achieve the objectives
- Communicate these objectives to the staff
- Break down the strategies into work activities
- Assign members who would work on each of the activities
- Decide the activities that will need outsourcing, and account for them
- Assign timelines to each of the activities
- Assign performance indicators/measurables to each of the activities
- Estimate the cost of each activity, and thus the cost of the total project
- Take into account the contingencies
- Lastly, …show more content…

Budget for future contingencies.
8. Employ experts to review the strategy and work plan.
9. Prepare for completion, other legal formalities, and appraisals.
10. Forecast the demand for Woody’s products, throughout the project’s life.
11. Ensure that the current production activities are not hampered, while the project activities are carried out.

d. Did they consider other solutions? Give examples.

Ans. The objectives were not laid down well and the project was not planned properly. They planned to meet the project requirements as they arise, and did not plan for them in advance.
Pricing was only done after EID quoted a high price. When EID quoted a higher price, then Moneysworth started to look for other solutions, but EID gave a counter offer, which Woody’s accepted.
Apart from that, Woody and staff did not consider any other solutions for any of its activities.

e. How would you gauge the project’s success? Could success be measured? If so, when?

Ans. The success of the project can be measured through the following ways:

- Setting measureables/ performance indicators and deliverables for each of the activities in the project, and then gauging how far have they been …show more content…

Renovation of the President’s and Executive Vice President’s offices were not in alignment with the broad objective of Woody 2000 project.

It was included in the project just to make use of the opportunity that since other activities were being carried out, then why not include the renovation in the project as well. But since it did not serve the project’s objective, but just added to the project cost and time, it wasn’t a good idea.

b. Write a simple project scope statement.

Ans. Following can be the scope statement for Woody 2000 project:

‘The project includes expanding its production capacity by 25%, developing and installing software and hardware that would be required to run semi-automatic woodworking production train, and installing air-conditioners and a dust-free paint and finishing shop, within the budget of $17 million with a target timeline of eighteen months. The scope also includes renovating the President’s and Executive Vice President’s offices.’

c. Develop a work breakdown structure.

Ans. Following can be the work breakdown structure for Woody 2000 Project: PHASE WORK ACTIVITY
1. Planning Designing the work activities, in alignment with the objectives and

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