Woodson Foundation Case Study

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I would like to congratulate the Woodson Foundation, the schools district, and the NCPIE for attempting to address this problem in the Washington, D.C school district. This is a very important issue and need the upmost effort put forward.
This group is past the first stage which is forming stage, the purpose of the group has been established. In this respect the group should know this and not revisit the purpose of the task they agreed to take on. So I see the group being in the second stage which is storming stage. It was stated in the case study that there is different opinion about who should have the most control. Another point of disagreement is “Community organizer Mason Dupree doesn’t like the level of bureaucracy either. He …show more content…

What I interpret from this is that if a less qualified union worker applies for a job then he/she could be employed over a more qualified non-union applicant. Being a union or non-union has nothing to do with operating with school board policies. The second problem I see is that the school board is worried that they might lose control over the new system. The Woodson Foundation needs to ensure they follow the school board policies. This should ease the school board concern over control. A minor problem is the complex bureaucratic structure. I believe this is a minor problem, because whenever working with any government agency their always will be a very large bureaucratic. It is not the task of the Woodson Foundation to change or create the bureaucratic, but to work within it. Finally, the school board is worried that this funding and jobs from this program will take away from other school district. This is a non-starter; it was stated that the funding would be private funding. So therefore, the school district can’t rob Peter to pay Paul, they should see this funding as a gift …show more content…

Many years ago we had what was called night school and every school district identified one school to conduct night school. The beauty of night school was that it was run by the school district therefore, it was certified and the kids received credit for class they attended. I’m not talking about Adult Learning Program; this is for the children attending high school. Security would still have to be provided for the same reasons that was previously mention. The kids would be responsible for their own transportation, which cuts down on costs. The size of classroom could be controlled. This is a win, win situation for everyone, I know because I went to night school in New York City and graduated in January, six months

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