Greenhill Community Center Case Study Essay

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Assignment 3: Greenhill Community Center Case Study I. Does the Greenhill Community Center have a solid mission and direction? Discuss the organization’s mission and how well the organization accomplishes that mission. Are there examples of “mission creep" in this case study? When it comes to Greenhill’s mission of direction I feel that Greenhill has a clear mission direction. But, I also can tell by reading the case study that there are quite a few sections in each mission that this community does provide for. Which means that there is a lot of responsibilities on whoever is over that specific section of the community. When I mean or talk about section I mean there are four specific section such as: The Elder Program, The Afterschool Program, The Day Care Program, and Music Program. In my opinion that is a lot of section for one community to be in charge over. Those are four big sections of these community which needs a lot of work to provide those three programs to run smoothly. “Executive should be trained in business skills, that nonprofit managers programs be located in schools” (Worth, 2014). But, I feel if the hiring process for the overseers of the section are chosen correctly they can …show more content…

But, there was a few of the programs that seemed the Executive Director did not seem as concerned about. I personally see as that a large issue because all four of those programs needs the same attention to make sure that employees and managers are doing exactly what they are supposed to do. Another, issue that is needs some attention is the fundraising issues. “Nonprofit organization are finically dependent on both the government and donors from fundraisers” (Worth, 2014). The center has not made the fundraising goal and I see that as issue because that is extra money that can go to other things the community

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