Johnson & Johnson Case Analysis

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Background and Introduction: Johnson & Johnson is an American multinational organization that was founded in 1886. This company consists of pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods. Johnson & Johnson has been headquartered in New Jersey. This organization has operations on over 57 countries and their products are sold on over 175 countries. Their calendar has a worldwide sale of $65 billion for 2011. Johnson & Johnson also have many first-aid and household products among their range. For example a Band-Aid line, medications, baby products, skin and beauty products, facial wash and contact lenses. They have three extended divisions to their organization which is Consumer healthcare, medical devices and pharmaceuticals. It was named after Robert Wood Johnson, James Wood Johnson and Edward Mead Johnson. It produced its first products in the year 1886 and incorporated in 1887. The very first president of Johnson & Johnson was Robert Wood Johnson. He attempted to improve sanitation practices. Robert eventually passed away in 1910. Thereafter his brother James Wood Johnson became the new president until 1932. Roberts’s granddaughter Mary Lea Johnson was fortunate enough to become the first face of Johnson & Johnson’s when she was an infant. His great-grandson then shot a documentary called “Born Rich” about the experience of growing up as an heir to one of the world’s greatest organizations, Johnson & Johnson’s. The Chairman and Board of Directors was appointed in December 2012,

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