Qlt1 Task 4

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To select the sample for this study, data will be collected from two businesses; Alabama Power and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama in Birmingham, Alabama. The surveys will include segments in which the participants were asked to give an account of their; workplace, supervisor-subordinate relationship, leadership, employee performance, and organizational performance at the workplace (Scheidt-Nave et al., 2012). The other possible data collection may come from Survey Monkey. The instruments used for this study will be the OPS (all 67 participants will evaluate the organization), 360-degree feedback (57 subordinates will evaluate their supervisors and 10 supervisors will evaluate their subordinates), and the GRS (10 supervisors will evaluate their subordinates and 57 subordinates will evaluate …show more content…

The target population would be approximately 67 participants (10 supervisors and 57 subordinates) will be asked to report on work relational environment within the organization and their perceived relationship (Orchard et al., 2012). The consent forms with a letter explaining the details about the study will be administered via email in line by the Internal Review Board (IRB). Any additional documents will be delivered via email using Microsoft Word. The surveys will be used as the instrument to collect data. The selected questions will pertain to examine the supervisor and subordinate relationship, organizational and employee performance, and leadership. A total of 10 questions will be asked. A correlational design will be used to determine the difference between the mean of two-sample groups (Ragin, 2014). The researcher will gather data via surveys. According to Lewis (2015), the research can use the following to collect

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