Blue Ridge Community College Student Analysis

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Each semester new students come into Blue Ridge Community College to expand their horizons. They take classes, so they will be able to graduate with an Associate’s Degree. One reason people attend Blue Ridge Community College is because they did not do well in high school and hope by attending a community college, they will have a smoother transition to a university, save money and the flexibility of class schedules. Before entering college classes, students take a placement test to determine if they are ready for college classes. Community colleges offer developmental classes in English and Math for students that did not do well on these subjects on the placement test. As they make progress in developmental classes in Blue Ridge Community …show more content…

Attending Blue Ridge Community College, students pay for the cost of books and classes. The tuition cost for an instate Blue Ridge Community College students is about one thousand two hundred dollars who is a full time student in one semester. Students who take twelve or more credit hours are full-time students. According to North Carolina State University, the cost of tuition and fees combined with the cost of books and supplies is over eleven thousand dollars for the school year of 2016-2017 for full-time undergraduates. In Blue Ridge Community College, students do not pay for housing because they live near a community college, so they can drive to school. If students want to attend NC State University, then they have to pay approximately nine thousand dollars for housing. It is would be cheaper if someone went to a community college than a university. Another effect of Blue Ridge Community College is that people can choose to have a flexible schedule. Students can make schedules that let them have time in between their classes. People use the time in between classes to study for their classes or to get assignments completed if they are taking an online

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