Essay On Students Taking Developmental Classes

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Each year, more and more students are coming to college to study. Colleges require some student to take developmental courses before students take their major class because colleges think these students may do not have enough basic knowledge to handle the major class. In Montgomery College, most students have to take developmental courses in the first semester. After that, these students are allowed to take their majors. However, not every student who took the developmental courses gets success in their majors. One research shows that around 60 percent of community college students have to take developmental courses, but only one third of the student completed their major class in six years (Bailey, Jeong, & Cho, 2010). Therefore, some students think developmental education is useless and a wasting of their time. There are three different reasons why developmental courses are not targeted, efficient and have short-term effects. First of all, developmental education is not targeted.…show more content…
Developmental education has good impact for students study in the beginning of their college life, but it does not have long term for students (Karp et al., 2012) because schools only allow students to take English and math classes in developmental education. Therefore, every student have enough basic knowledge about math and English, so in the beginning of college life, those math and English are very easy for the students, and students could get good grades in those class. However, after they begin to take the major, the major courses are more complex than math and English class, so developmental education loss the effect. Therefore, Students will have very hard time to deal with the major courses. For example, even if I got A for my math class, I think accounting class is very hard for me because it is more complex than math. Therefore, developmental education does not have long-term effect for
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