Analyse The Impact Of Adolescent Development Essay

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1.3 Explain the impact of adolescent development on a young persons thoughts, feelings and behaviours. During puberty the body will go through many changes and a young person will start to become more aware of their body and their personal appearance. As they go through these changes a young person will also try to find their identity but still want to fit in with their peers which may have an influence on their likes and dislikes. They will also become more sensitive to their feelings being highly emotional/upset or easily frustrated over minor issues. These emotional changes also cause mood swings resulting in young people becoming irritable or moody at times and not wanting to converse, this is also due to the hormonal changes …show more content…

Breasts will develop along with their hormones, which can cause mood swings. Girls will also start to be more aware of their physical appearance and their sexual orientation. Intellectual development is where young persons thought process will change as they start to have a different outlook on life. Young people can often see things as black and white and may not always understand that things may not be, as they seem. As they go through this stage young people will begin to solve problems more easily and have an appreciation of other people’s views and opinions. However as they are still inexperienced in life a young person may appear immature at times with regards to their ways of thinking and speech. During the Emotional Development stage, a young person will begin to spend less time with their parents and want to spend more time with their friends socialising instead. A young person may also feel conflicted at times, as they will want the affection from parents, however this is usually short lived as the young person will then also reject it when it is given. This is due to wanting to be independent but at the same time unsure of how to fully go about this. It is also known for teenagers to be risk takers during this stage and push

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