Rite Of Passage Research Paper

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Becoming more independent at everything one does is a rite of passage. Every teen experiences this at some point in their lives. For me, this rite of passage was earning my driver's license. By completing the process of getting my driver's license, I would be able to take myself to all of my activities. This relieved my parents of a few less duties from their very busy lives. To help me become more independent, my parents gave me access to a family car, so I can have the chance to go out and drive on my own. Also, it prepared me further for college life, which I depended very little on my parents. I have learned many useful skills and tips that will hopefully follow me into my adult life and will keep me safe, even after I went through this incredible journey through my teenage years. The process of getting my driver's license was very long. First, I needed to complete 33 hours of driver's education. In this class, I learned all of the rules of the road and parts of the car. One part I particularly did not enjoy from the class was all the situations you could get yourself into from driving while intoxicated, not paying attention to the road, and texting while driving. Any of these things can cause horrific car accidents, and even death. …show more content…

I now must be conscientious of not only my driving, but that I will have other people's lives at my fingertips just because they are in the car while I'm driving. Driving is a huge privilege and responsibility that I believe, from having the proper training, I am ready to take on. I have become fully aware of the dangers I could possibly face while being behind the wheel of a car, and I plan to be as cautious as I can be. However, I have been told that driving is supposed to be enjoyable. I hope to become comfortable behind the wheel but still alert to watch out for other drivers who are not as alert and focused as I

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