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We all have the power to be independent. Sometimes being independent will cause you struggle, but sometimes being independent can be a skill that can be helpful. In “Runner” by, Carl Deuker, a senior in highschool, Chance, suffers from poverty and has to learn how to be independent, because how his mom left him and his dad is never around, he is most likely at the bar. Be independent caused Chance to really struggle and he loses focus on what’s really important.. In “Gathering Blue”, KIra’s mother unfortunately passed away, causing her to be alone. KIra is forced to be independent and find her way in life. She starts to pick up what her mother started to teach her, which was the skill of sewing. Both of these books mainly focus on indepence. …show more content…

Kira’s sewing is the best of the whole kingdom, and when her mother passed away she turned to sewing. Once, her mom passed away Kira must have turned to be independent and whenever she was struggling she turned to the symbol in the story- sewing. For example, in the book it states, “ For everyday work, Kira helped in the weaving shed, picking up the scraps and leavings, but her twisted leg diminished her value.” (Lowry, 7) This piece of evidence proves that Kira has a skill of sewing, and her skills got brought up throughout the book. Also it shows that she is making a living for herself because she is now indepence. Her crippled leg causes a major obstacles but she is getting through it. Also it is stated, “It is my duty to sew this robe.” (Lowry, 73) This evidence shows that she is using sewing to get through her hard times. Kira using individualism to her power and does the hard work, while on the other hand Chance using his indepence in a bad way and just takes the easy way out. While some might argue that Kira wasn’t really independent because she did have some friends with. Like in the book it states how Matt helped find blue. While this a good point, Kira had to learn how to get back on her feet from her mother death and was left alone for a great deal of time. She is still independent because she has to do a whole robe my herself, without the help of her mother's discipline. This proves Kira does have to be

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