1.3 Explain The Impact Of Adolescent Development

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Q1.3 Explain the impact of adolescent development on a young person’s thoughts, feelings and behaviours A1.3 Adolescence is a time of great change for young people when physical changes are happening at an accelerated rate. Puberty is accompanied by physical, psychological and emotional changes adapted to ensure reproductive and parenting success. But adolescence is not just marked by physical changes – young people are also experiencing cognitive, social/emotional and interpersonal changes as well. It marks a transition in risks for depression and other common mental disorders, substance abuse, eating disorders and anti social behaviours. As they grow and develop young people are influenced by outside factors, such as their environment, culture, religion, school and the media. There are a number of different theories …show more content…

Stanley Hall), 1846-1924 Stanley Hall’s theory took a biological approach he determined the age range of adolescence, as the time of “Strum und Drang” meaning “storm and stress”. “Strum und Drang” is the psychological theory that the age adolescence is a time for idealism, ambitiousness, rebellion, passion, suffering as well as expressing feelings. Psychological views (Sigmund Freud), 1856-1939 Freud paid relatively little attention to adolescence development only to discuss it in terms of psychosexual development. Feud believed that adolescence was a universal phenomenon and included behavioural, social and emotional changes; not to mention the relationship between the physiological and psychological changes, and the influence of self image. He also stated that the physiological changes are related to emotional changes, especially an increase in negative emotions, such as moodiness, anxiety, loathing, tension and other forms of adolescent behaviour. Cognitive views (Piaget), 1896-1980 Piaget stated that the normal thoughts, feelings and behaviours of an adolescent child can be categorised as: Moving towards

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