Essay On Emerging Adulthood

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As adolescences enter adulthood, they enter a long transitional period, often known as “emerging adult”. This transitional period takes place over a range of 18 to 25 years old (Santrock, 2013). At this stage, emerging adults are still in exploration in the various aspect of life such as the career path they are interested in, defining their identities and a style of living they would want to adopt. Thus, adolescences who are in transition will be caught with many intense changes and will experience major life events that are all of great importance. According to Jeffery Arnett (2006), emerging adult can be defined by the 5 key characteristics, namely: Identity exploration, Instability, Self-Focus, Feeling in-between, and the Age of possibilities where …show more content…

This resulted that emerging adult may not be as healthy as it was perceived (Fatusi & Hindin, 2010). With that, researchers had also found that majority of the bad health habits, such as inactivity, obesity and poor diet, which started in adolescence stage increased as the young people progress to emerging adult. Therefore, this highlights the importance of having a regular exercise which not only improves physical health but mental as well such as improvement in self-concept, reduction in anxiety and depression (Santrock, 2013). Cognitive development in emerging adult is relatively similar to adolescent’s though Piaget did affirm that emerging adult’s thinking are more quantitatively advanced as they carry a greater wealth of knowledge and especially so for a specific area (Santrock, 2013). For example, Ann advanced quantitatively in her knowledge of audit process through her course of study which took place in her adolescent stage. This is also the stage whereby emerging adults begin to identify their career goal, and developing plans to achieve

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