Piaget Theory Of Cognitive Development Essay

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Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development Cognition is a process where different aspects of the mind are working together that lead to knowledge. Piaget’s cognitive development theory is based on stages that children go through as they grow that lead them to actively learn new information. Cognitive change occurs with schemes that children and adults go through to make sense of what is happening around them. The change that occurs is activity based when the child is young and later in life correlates to mental thinking. Piaget’s stages of cognitive development start from birth to adulthood and it begins with the sensorimotor stage, a child from birth to the age of 2 years old learns and thinks by doing and figuring out how something works. The second stage is the preoperational stage and in this stage children from ages 2 through 7 years are developing their language and they do pretend play (Berk, 2005, p.20). Concrete operational is the third stage and children ages 7 to 11 years old lack abstract but have more logic than they did when they were younger. The last stage is formal …show more content…

He has been advanced in the timing that Piaget has created, but it is good to know how infants learn through stages and that they are all individuals and learn at their own pace. Piaget has done something great by discovering these stages of cognitive development that can almost give parents and educators a map of what is happening in a child’s mind as they are growing up. In the video, Inside a Child’s Brain by David Eagleman (2015) it talks about how you become who you are by what is removed from the brain, after the age of 2 the neurons in the brain slow down. The links that you do not use in those first years of age in your brain you lose as you grow (The Brain). The video shows how important the first two years of age are in a child’s life while the sensorimotor stage is

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