Identity Development During Adolescence Essay

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Handout on identity development during adolescence Adolescence is the years between the beginning of puberty and onset of adulthood. These are the years where most people develop a strong and stable identity. It is the period where children start to become conscious of their identity and its possible immediate consequences or future repercussions. Relationships between parents and the adolescents often decrease, and they start to prefer to spend more time with their peers. According to "6.3 Adolescence: Developing Independence and Identity | Introduction to Psychology," (2015) identity is who or what one is as an individual or as a member of a social group. It is a new sense of oneself that emerges during adolescence. Identity development is …show more content…

The teenagers here are often confused about the identities they choose. This often leads to frustration. They may even give up looking for their identities for a while. This is the period where some of the teenagers end up indulging in immoral acts. According to ("6.3 Adolescence: Developing Independence and Identity | Introduction to Psychology," 2015), the independence of thinking in this period requires the adolescents to determine their sense of right and wrong on their own. They, therefore, face a lot of identity crisis in this period ("Adolescent Identity Development," …show more content…

It is the period where most developments such as physical changes, social developments, and developments of moral reasoning take place. A substantial amount of cognitive development also takes place at this stage. As such, parents and guardians should relax childhood restrictions and allow their children to be more involved in making decisions that affect their lives. However, as some of the teenagers might not have established commitments to a particular identity, parents should retain their roles as sources of support, guidance, and comfort to their

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