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Developmental Milestones Developmental Milestones are a set of functional skills which most of the children can perform at a certain age. Every milestone has a certain age limit. Some may achieve it early and some may do it a bit late as every child is unique. Premature babies achieve these milestones slightly late as compared to their healthier counterparts. You might also like: My top 6 learning toys for 0-12 month olds These milestones are to be used just as guidelines: Newborn to 1 month: Sucking, Swallowing, Coughing, Gagging, Grasping, Blinking, Startling reflexes are developed. Makes jerky,quivering arm movements. Keep hands in tight fists. Focus on objects 8-12 inches away. Recognizes some sounds. Turns towards familiar sounds. …show more content…

Stands on tiptoe. Kicks a ball. Climbs onto and down from furniture without support. Walks up and down stairs with support. Recognizes names of familiar people, objects, body parts. Says many single words(by 15-18 months) Use 2-4 words sentences (by 18-24 months) Separation anxiety increases. Begins to sort objects by shapes and colors. RED FLAG: Remember that these milestones are a general guidelines. Some infants may reach them early while some later, not all infants may show all of the behaviors. But you should consult your child's healthcare professional when you observe the following milestones are missed at the given age. 2months- When your child is of 2 months and there's a lack of visual fixation and no social smile. 4-6 months and he/she fails to track person or object, no steady head control, no response or turning to sound or voice. 6 months - Decrease or absence of vocalizations. 9-12 months- Fails to sit independently. 18 months- Fails to walk independently. Does not seek shared attention to object or even with the caregiver. 24 months- No single words. 36 months- No 3 word sentences. Cannot follow simple commands. > 3 yrs- Speech unintelligible, dependence on gestures to follow

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