Britney Spears: Life Stage Of Early Childhood

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BTEC Health and social care: Assignment Britney Spears My assignment is about Britney Spears who was born in McComb, Mississippi on 2nd December 1981. She is 36 years old and is currently in the life stage of early adulthood. I will be writing about 3 different life stages (infancy, early childhood, and adolescence) she has been through. Infancy The first life stage Britney experienced was infancy. This is between the ages of 0-2 years. Physical: In infancy, an infant in the norm (on the centile chart) would physically weigh 6.5-7.8lb and should be between 18.9-19.8 inches at the ages of 0-1 month. They would also develop primitive reflexes and have control of their head. When an infant hits 4-6 months they would physically be able to sit unsupported, roll over and develop their fine motor skills such as moving things from one hand to another. Also at this age, they should weigh between 14.8-17.5lb and be 26.1-27.2 inches tall. Physically, infants start to stand alone at the age of 9 months and eventually develop the fine motor skill of having ‘pincer’ movements between their thumbs and fingers. This would allow infants to explore and discover for themselves by being in contact with the things around them. At the age of 12-15 months, an infant can develop gross motor skills like running and walking. By the time an infant has reached the age of 2 years they would be able to eat completely with a spoon. Similarly, Britney was in the norm for most of these factors, for
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