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Armentine Lloyd Davis Banks born January 27, 1938. She has been alive for 78 years. She was born in Beaufort, North Carolina at home. Her mother’s name is Lucy Davis and she is the middle child out of three. Her older sister is Katherine Davis along with her younger brother Buddy Davis. All of her siblings including herself were born at home. Her home was located at 421 Craven Street. The doctor who conducted all of the births was Dr. Fulcher and a midwife named Luewine. My Nana was born around ten o 'clock at night. Her mother, father and grandmother were all present at her birth. She is most definitely the most talkative out of the three of her siblings.

I was born on July 27, 1999 in Winston Salem. I was delivered at Forsyth County Hospital. I am an only child and I’m 17 years old. There were no complications with my birth. I have been told I was born with a head full of hair. There 's even a story where I apparently named myself. My mother Bernika Banks went into labor late in the evening of July 27. I weighed 8lbs and 6 oz. and I was born around 5:30 in the evening. I was a quiet baby who rarely cried and I was bottle fed for the most part of my infancy. That’s about all I know about my birth.

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There are more techniques and strategies for births today. The mother’s are taught to plan ahead and what to do in the event of their water breaking. The doctors today are more skilled to deal with complications if any occur during the birth. Medicine is also a key factor to the advancement of pain management for the mothers with pain during contractions. Epidural and Natural births both have advanced since my Nana’s birth the medicines are more advanced with helping with pain. There are different methods of caring for babies especially those born with birth defects. The main idea is that the medical field has progressed since my Nana’s birth and will continue to progress as the years go

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