Argumentative Essay: Long Way Down

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Ahmed. khafagy Mrs. Brazeau LA 8 22 February 2023 Argumentative essay “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind”-Mahayana Ghandi. In the novel Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds, Wills brother Shawn gets shot, Will follows the rules that his brother told him and tries to get revenge. Will enters an elevator where he meets six people that talk to him about revenge. Will breaks the rules. Dad killed the wrong guy so Will fears killing the wrong guy. In the novel "Long Way Down" by Jason Reynolds it states,”that he killed the wrong guy.”(Reynolds 218.) This makes Will wonder if he thought wrong about Riggs. Secondly, in the novel "Long way down" by Jason Reynolds it states, “But gee didn’t kill mark”(Reynolds 218). This displays that when Mark shot gee, he shot the wrong guy. Pops shot the wrong guy affecting Will's decision if he will shoot the wrong guy. Will's brother, Shawn breaks the rules by crying. Firstly, Shawn cries on the elevator, breaking the rules. “I thought you said no crying” (Reynolds 298). This illustrates that Shawn broke the rules so will considers breaking the rules since Shawn taught him the rules. Secondly, in the novel Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds it states “He wasn’t supposed to cry” (Reynolds 299). …show more content…

Some may say that Will follows the rules since Shawn followed the rules. Due to this statement from the novel Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds it states, “see this?… your brother's fingerprints are in there”(Reynolds 271). This illustrates that when Shawn got revenge for buck he put his fingerprints in the hole made by the bullet. However Shawn died by getting revenge making Wills scared that he will die by getting revenge. In The novel Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds it states, “Shawn died”(Reynolds 12). This shows that when Shawn followed the rules he got shot and died. This makes Will think that he will die if he follows the

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