Sergeant Koch Burglary

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On 07-24-2016, Sergeant Koch and I responded to 7520 December Drive, reference a burglary that occurred on 06-24-2016. I have been trying to make contact with the suspect, Tyler Gray, for the last two weeks with negative results. I previously responded to Gray 's residence and made contact with Gray 's father, William Gray. I have left William my business card with instructions to contact with me. Upon arrival, Sergeant Koch and I made contact with, William Gray. However, It took several minutes for William to open the front door. Furthermore, Sergeant Koch and I could hear two voices coming from inside of the residence for several minutes prior to William opening the door. William opened the door and Sergeant Koch asked if Tyler was home. William hesitated but then shouted "Tyler." Gray responded to the front door and was asked if we could speak to him. Gray willingly agreed and proceeded to the roadway with Sergeant Koch and I. I …show more content…

Gray denied being inside of the residence and he advised me that he "preformed work for the victim on the outside of the residence only." However, as the interview progressed Gray states that both him and the victim were on the computer looking up air soft pistols. The computer was located next to the safe in the living room. I then took the finger print cards and placed them in front of Gray. I never advised Gray that the prints were his, nor did I advise who 's they were or where they were from. Gay became upset and started to cry while continuing to deny any involvement in the burglary. Shortly after Gray stated "This interview is done." Gray then exits the interview room. While exiting, Gray is observed by Sergeant Koch placing his tee-shirt over his hand to open the door handle. Furthermore, dispatch also observed Gray opening the door leading to the lobby of the P.D. with his tee-shirt over his hand. In both situations it seems that Gray is trying to not leave his fingerprint. Gray and William then leave the police

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