Hum/111 Week 1 Assignment

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1. a) I mainly find myself fulfilling the roles of listening, answering questions, and brightening up peoples days.tend to listen to my friends when they need someone to talk to. These talks range from relationships to school problems. This role kind of correlates with brightening up peoples days. When talking and listening to someone 's problems, I tend to keep my responses positive even when the situation is not that positive. It is not an easy thing to do but I try my best. I also often have people asking me many questions about many different topics. My main topic however is usually about school. Some people need help on homework and other ask about what needs to be done for the day or that week. I am taller than average girls, curvy, olive skin tone, large smile, glasses, and dark brown hair. My personality shows that I am trustworthy, loyal, independent, outspoken with my friends but shy with unfamiliar people, funny, cheerful, caring, worrisome, kind, thoughtful, usually overthink everything,I don 't tend to show much emotion, and I tend to sometimes look at the negative consequences rather than the positive ones. People usually notice that I 'm cheerful, kind, thoughtful, and very trustworthy. Traits that aren 't so obvious are that I overthink everything, worrisome, and that I tend to …show more content…

b) I am for the most part happy about my self image. Yes I know I need to lose a few pounds here and there but compared to what is really important to me, self-image is a very little worry. I also tend to hate being so tall but there are also its advantages. I very much like my personality. It is what makes me my unique self. I do hate that I don 't express my emotion as often as I should because when I do, it can be overwhelming. I think it would be so awesome to meet someone with the same personality as me. I usually tend to use my goofy sense of humor to try and brighten other 's days. I think that together we would be able to brighten a lot more of people

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