Essay: Why I Chose To Study Accounting

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My interest in Accounting stemmed from my optimistic expectation about career development in this field. Accounting is so important in the business world that only on the basis of accounting information, management is able to make investment decisions, and optimize internal operation. Thus, it is widely applied to every business sector. However, due to a strange combination of circumstances, I was matriculated by Biology and Medical Engineering College, instead of the Economic and Management College, in which I could accumulate the knowledge that would allow me to realize my career ambition. Changing major was not easy to operate in our university. I was immersed in a disappointment, and feelings of helplessness throughout the freshman year. Fortunately, the second degree option rekindled my extinct passion. Without hesitation, I chose Business Administration as my second major, which was the only option offered by Economic and Management College. Accounting Principles was the first subject that enabled me to gain insights into Accounting, the deeper I got myself involved in this subject, the more I found it fascinating. Also, I have taken inspiration from my internship experience. The …show more content…

As a member of credit team, I assisted the team to work on annual report audit for Agricultural Bank of China. Because of my good communication ability, and learning capacity, I was assigned to take charge of challenge tasks, such as reorganizing contents of audit working paper, and dealing with tough clients, which were out of the scope of an intern 's duty. But this job was rewarding and immensely instructive. I gained the familiarity with audit procedures from an operational level, and grasped a deep understanding of commercial bank 's operational process and business policy. Meanwhile, I was determined to take joining PwC as my first career objective after the graduation

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