Walmaart Balance Score Card Case Study

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Balanced score Card?: WalMart Balanced Score Card?: WalMart University of Maryland University College By Robert T. Jordan Professor Smith DMBA 620 March 9, 2018 Introduction Balance score card (BSC) is a strategic tool used to enhance the performance management of a company. The BSC is very popular and it is widely used by companies and organizations throughout the world. A BSC helps companies set targets, set organizational goals, and achieve organizational goals. The BSC uses four perspectives to evaluate a company?s performance. These four perspectives are finance, customer perspective and retention, internal operations, and the learning and growth perspective. According to Kaplan and Norton (1991), the balanced score card helps …show more content…

By reducing delivery time of products ordered online for in-store pick up and reducing wait time at counters Walmart is upholding their mission statement by placing a high value on the customer?s time. This will lead to an increase in customer satisfaction which means more and more customers will be inclined to shop at WalMart. The goal is to reduce delivery time of all online purchases for in-store pick up by 5% every year for the next three years, and decreasing customer wait time at counters by 15% …show more content…

WalMart was used in this paper to illustrate the importance and effectiveness of establishing a BSC. The desired effect of a BSC is to improve the organizational performance and productivity of a company by setting targets and implementing strategic initiatives to accomplish desired results. This ultimately leads to an improvement of the four perspectives of the BSC which are the financial perspective, customer perspective, internal perspective, and the learning perspective. When a company implements the proposed methods contained within the BSC, the company will increase the customer satisfaction as well as increase customer retention. This also allows the company to improve its learning and growth perspective by decreasing employee turnover rate, improving the company?s ability to attract and retain new employees, and it will increase employee satisfaction. Making the company a highly desired company to be employed

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