Why I Want To Be A Physical Therapist Essay

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Essay #1 It seems like yesterday when I was in high school trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my future. When I thought about the career I would want to pursue I was having trouble picturing myself in the type of work I would be most satisfied in. Around this same time, I suffered a sports injury and had to receive physical therapy in order to heal. This is what initially got me interested in working in rehab. This, I’m sure, is the way many young people become interested in physical therapy. It clicked for me because a physical therapist was the first career I could picture myself as, no other career choice I could so easily see myself doing. So, after I had this revelation I started to pursue higher education in the health sciences and tried to become more familiar with the rehab environment. At this point I started to reach out to physical therapists in my area and observe their workday. In my senior year of high school I observed physical therapy in outpatient rehab, geriatric outpatient rehab, and a hospital. From there I was enthralled in the rehab …show more content…

The fact that learning never stops, that you work and collaborate with some of the smartest minds around, and the uniqueness of each patient gets me very eager to enroll in a challenging DPT program with proven student success. I am very thankful for the experience I’ve had so far observing physical therapy and studying the sciences in my undergrad. I don’t think as many other careers are so open to allow students into their workspace and I look forward to one day being able to spark another young student’s interest in rehab therapy. Before my sophomore year in high school, there was little I knew about the physical therapy field but since then I have spent a great deal of time observing physical therapists and from all that I’ve learn I know that I want to become a physical

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