Speech Therapist Personal Statement

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PURPOSE STATEMENT: TO INFORM MY AUDIENCE WHY I WANT TO BECOME A SPEECH THERAPIST. CI: HOW MY PAST AND PRESENT LIFE EXPERIENCES HAVE HELPED CREATE A FUTURE GOAL OF BECOMING A SPEECH THERAPIST. It was the last Saturday before my classes were to start, and I was enjoying sleeping late in my room. Suddenly I was awakened by a loud knock on the door, and my younger brother walked in smiling and asked what I was doing. I would not be even close to being honest if I tried to say my only sibling doesn’t aggravate me frequently, but he is one of the primary reasons I would like to become a speech therapist. In the next few minutes I would like to discuss how my past has influenced me to become a speech therapist in the future, and what I am doing …show more content…

I study diligently and attempt to use all of my acquired skills to succeed at everything which I do. Surprisingly the most helpful course which I am taking is “Achieving Academic Success”. This course has allowed me to do research on my careers required skill set. I am developing skills which are needed to become a successful speech therapist, so of which are versatility, resourcefulness, and communication skills. NOW LET US MOVE TO THE FUTURE After I obtain my Associate’s Degree from JCTC, I plan to go to attend the University of Kentucky, Murray State University, or Western Kentucky University. I have reduced my colleges down to these three because they are the only accredited colleges in the area that offer undergraduate degree programs in Communication Disorders, with post-undergraduate plans to attend the University of Louisville to obtain my Masters Degree in Speech Pathology. As a speech therapist I want to be positioned to address each child’s unique situation and help them create good communication skills by teaching them to follow directions, speak without stuttering, or use correct communication devices. But more than anything I want made a difference in a person’s life and know the skills which I have taught will carry on with them

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