Financial Aid Appeal Letter Analysis

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I am Juwan Clayton, a current sophomore and this is my second financial aid appeal letter, since attending Lock Haven University. When first coming to Lock Haven, things we 're difficult, a lot have change since then. I have made large strides in improving my intellect, habits, character since my last financial aid appeal. My Satisfactory Academic Progress have been progressing but at a normal student pace, I believe it will take one more semester to finally even out. So I do ask that all committee members who are reading my appeal letter, please keep a open mind and try to understand my reason for writing to you. Since my second semester here at Lock Haven, I believe I accomplished far more than a simple letter will allow me to write and the committee will …show more content…

And must I still point out that I still have the ceiling to achieve a 3.0cumulative GPA when I graduate, with a average of 3.6 per semester. I will also like to get the chance to address what happen during the summer. It was a honest mistake, I had all my work turned in. Until the last ten days of the class. I was in a difficult time in my life, with a death of a longtime friend at the time. This time was very difficult in my life and another close friend was ill at the time as well. I was grieving heavily that one of dear friends was not in this realm anymore, I was very sad. Death for me have occurred only once with me through out my life until the a year removed from high school. The ones a I grown accustom to love didn 't even have a health status of life threatening. These times can be very difficult, even though now I some experience with it more than I use to and learning the through my experiences with situations like this. During this time period of my this sadness of death is not ordinary nor general, it 's very individual and lonely for a long

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