Personal Narrative: Petition For Reinstatement

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Petition for Reinstatement

When I received my admission letter from Michigan State University, I started shivering as my palms were dripping sweat. The nervousness I had was extremely high, and my state of mind was like a brand new soccer ball getting kicked on the soccer field; as this letter will determine my future. My mother and I opened the letter together as we took a deep breath and hoped that this was nothing but great news. After a glance at the first word “Congratulations,” I couldn’t go farther since I couldn’t believe what I’ve just read, so I read it loud and clear repeatedly to get it clear and to hear myself say it. After tearing the envelope, I slowly grabbed the letter and started to read it; from every letter to every word and from every word in every sentence. My mother and I have never hugged each other until this day, she flew to me and grabbed me tightly like a new born baby as she looked up to me sobbingly saying “Sedekie, you made me proud, I haven’t had a feeling like this since I’ve been in this Country. This news is the best news to a mother's ears.” The love my mother and I shared was so much different than the average love a son receives from their mother. At that moment, I was weak in my body, but highly tense in my mind. …show more content…

She made my favorite dish I’ve craved for years, which is I-checkeh, very popular dish from Liberia. During my freshman year I learned so much about myself and what I’m really about. As you can see High School is a different environment than college. When I was in High School, I didn’t study as much in order to receive a high GPA. However, that wasn’t the same ball game in college and that’s why I’m not on campus like I’m supposed

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