Personal Narrative: Deciding To Attend Texas A & M University

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Deciding to attend Texas A&M University was both a hardship and immense, opportunity in my life. Coming from a close knit background, and possessing a very family oriented character, my decision to come to this incredible institution was one out of my comfort zone. If I was to be asked one year ago, If I could ever see myself standing on this marvelous campus, attending one of the top schools in the nation, I would have honestly responded, no. My counselors would have said no, my friends, my college advisor, my family. The answer would not have been yes, not because I wasn 't capable of meeting the standards to attend, but because there seemed more obstacles in my way than there was forces pushing me forward. Finances were never on our side, …show more content…

Helping out my mother with the bills, working full time and commuting to college, seemed like the destined plan for me after high school. Nonetheless, it came as a shock to everyone when I confessed, I had accepted my admission to Texas A&M. My family took it the worst at first, as it seemed if I wanted to run away from the responsibilities that had suffocated me up to the minute I pressed …show more content…

It was misconception, however, because attending this school would bring even more than those I had before. My parents could never be able to afford this school for me, but that didn 't stop me from desiring to live in a place where I knew, opportunities were around every corner and I was right. My University has been so generous since the day I stepped foot on campus and has provided me the support I need to be successful. My responsibilities are still in tact, I 'm working hard to stay in good academic standing, balancing work and organizations, and helping out at home the best I can from hours away. The doors that have opened since I decided to attend Texas A&M are those which I would have never came into contact with if I had failed to believe in myself as well as the Aggies who were immediate to congratulate me when I did.I stepped onto this campus with aspirations of being a Nurse one day, with dreams of nurturing those in need of my assistance whenever needed, in clinics and hospitals. Nevertheless, one semester later, I see myself studying abroad one day, representing our school in more than just medical settings, and hoping one day I can give back to this school, if it 's in scholarships, research, or knowledge, what they invested in a small Aggie

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