College Appeal Letter

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To whom it may concern, I am writing this appeal letter with the hope of being reinstated into Texas A&M University. Foremost, it is important for me to acknowledge and understand that this impetuous decision to withdraw should not be taken lightly, and if given the opportunity of reinstatement, would be accompanied by strenuous consequences. With a great deal of determination and self-improvement, I hope to receive a second chance to walk the campus as an Aggie again. When first moving to college station, I had to grasp the concept that missing out on holidays, birthdays, family, and my home in Germany was inevitable. I became aware of how challenging it was to go from being surrounded and loved by your entire family, to moving across the …show more content…

Just the thought of doing what I used to enjoy produced tears and anxiety, which was then intensified by watching my grades sink as assignments piled up. I convinced myself that I was doing better, and that I was just overthinking about not being able to go back to an area that was empty, troubled, with no love, filled with pain and hurt. At that moment with that state of mind, I felt that my only way out was pressing that withdrawal button. As much as this withdrawal hurt my family and I, it was then I realized that Texas A&M University was not an empty and troubled place that was filled with pain, hurt, and a lack of love; but that it was me. I finally learned that no matter where or what I run away from, my pain and well-being will follow. Therefore, I have been in contact with counselors and advisors, I have learned importance of expressing myself more, and I have been in search for volunteer opportunities throughout College Station. I recognize that I am solely to blame for letting my pride cover the words I should have used to speak

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