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To Hofstra’s Financial Aid Department, I would like to thank Hofstra for admitting me as part of the class of 2021. Hofstra is an exceptional school where innovation is encouraged, as evidenced by the multitude of entrepreneur competitions that provides opportunities for students to achieve their goals and visions. My personal goal and vision are to attend Hofstra university for I know that the programs at Hofstra are focused on developing students to pioneer ideas and influence the future. I myself aspire to develop programs to positively pave the path for the next generation; By developing a non-profit that allows students to easily understand their financial situation and inexpensively send their reports to colleges, students from middle and lower economic backgrounds will not be …show more content…

Other schools have offered me more money due to the combination of my scores, National Merit Semifinalist standing, and talents. Recently, I have won first place in the mathematics portion of both my county and regional science fair with a statistical analysis of racial bias in media advertisements. Unfortunately, I could not attend the state conference due to a combination of my school’s Model United Nations and church responsibilities. Returning to my financial issues, my father has recently started working for the church for free and he is no longer being paid. We are sustaining on a combination of my job and my mother’s nursing job, but in order to become more qualified, both of my parents will be returning to school for a master’s degree. That means that this year, 3 of my family members will be in school, and this will cause a huge financial stress on us. Truly, I do love Hofstra, and I would also like to join the Honors College and pursue a double-major or participate in the Economics/MBA Graduate program as

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