Personal Narrative: I Believe In Higher Education

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I was so excited for the opportunity to go to college because my father didn’t believe in higher education for woman. My head was filled with so many questions, I was so eager to meet someone for answers. I dropped my kids off to school and daycare and took the train to Brooklyn and walked into the campus village. I signed lots of papers and returned 2 days later took a few tests, met an adviser and was set to start college the following week.
My first obstacle was that I had just failed my college writing and math test and had to take remedial courses before being admitted into the culinary art program. I was disappointed in myself because mathematics is my favorite subject but writing was not so much. I researched old essays and started practicing right away, and spent time …show more content…

During my first semester I had school Monday to Thursday 10:45am to 3:00pm.We left the house at 7:45am to first drop my son at the daycare, the owner was so understanding and opened a little early to help me out. My oldest daughter was in first grade , her school was 1.5 miles away . As soon as that school door opened , I begin running with my cadet daughter whose preschool is now 2 miles away, and luckily the train stop is right at the entrance. It was crucial that I made the 8:17 am B train or I’ll be late for my first class.
Things didn’t get better when I got into the Culinary program because classes started earlier and ended late as well. Thanks to my neighbors , I did not have to worry about anything. They stepped in and made sure they went to school , got picked up before I got home.
College came expensive for a family of 5 with one income, therefore my husband took a second job. Working every day from 5:00 am to 4:00 pm at his first job and 5:00pm to 11:00pm at the second job. We don’t get see each other often except during the evening of his day off and he only took one every other

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