Personal Narrative: Moving To Pennsylvania

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I 'm not a native of Pennsylvania. Anyone can tell that from my intense love of snow and fall, two things you couldn 't find in a South Florida city like where I lived, where temperatures were always high and foliage stayed the same year round. If you were born in Pennsylvania, you grew up hearing people tell stories of hitting a deer at night meanwhile I grew up hearing stories of people finding alligators in their backyard. Most people know what it 's like to move to a new place, whether it 's a new town, state or country, however, I feel my dramatic move along with the circumstances surrounding it are unique. It taught me that you can make the best out of even the worst situations.

Everything began when my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer. As her condition deteriorated, the task of caring for my younger brother and niece fell on my shoulders while my older sister worked to support us. I also had to help my mostly bedridden mom care for herself. Consequently, I was extremely busy at home and therefore, often missed school. The days I did go I was exhausted from staying up with my mother and had difficulty staying awake or concentrating in class. My grades suffered horribly so over time the thought of even going to high school faded from my mind. In fact, if it weren 't for the special help of my math teacher I most likely would have failed 8th grade. When I came to Pennsylvania things completely turned around. With heavy hearts, my younger brother and I moved up to live with my mom 's aunt and uncle after her death. In the wake of this great …show more content…

Though I miss my mom and my family in Florida immensely, I realize what coming to Pennsylvania has done for me. I 'm more independent, I have a new appreciation for my education and going to college is actually an attainable goal. It 's been 3 1/2 years since I came to Pennsylvania. 6 since my mom was diagnosed. Prior to moving here I was convinced my life was over. Now in hindsight, I realize it was actually just

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