Personal Narrative: Transitioning To Online High School

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Transitioning high schools my freshman year was a major eye opener. It does not seem like a big deal, for almost everyone has transitioned to a different school, however, I transitioned from going to class everyday and always being told what do, to doing my course work online and creating my own school schedule. I used to go to a public school called Houston High School, located right next to my house in Germantown, Tennessee. I would go to school everyday, and then do my favorite activity after school, which was riding horses. I have a tremendous passion for riding and competing horses, and it is what led me to transitioning to my online high school, the University of Miami Global Academy. Online School is a unique way I can manage school …show more content…

I remember my mom and I repetitively filling out absent forms, so I could go compete at a horseshow. The make up work started to build up, and eventually it got to the point where riding and attending school seemed almost impossible. Fortunately, I knew a few people who used online programs, so they could compete and go to school. After researching for the right program, I enrolled to be an official online school student for my second semester freshman year. The program was perfect. I remember being in shock that I could ride for seven hours during the day, and then go home and do school work in the evening. It was amazing, and not only did it allow me to become a better horseback rider and a better student, but it also introduced me to adulthood. My definition of adulthood is defined as being on your own and being responsible for yourself. Being enrolled at a public school, I always felt guided towards what classes I should take, when to study, and when to do homework. As an online school student, I am on my own. I motivate myself to do my work. Unlike a homeschooled student, I do not have my parents forcing me to sit down and do my work. I manage my own schedule, and I do my work when it needs to be done. Online school has had a huge affect on my life, for it has taught me the importance of self-motivation and responsibility throughout my

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