Personal Narrative: The Kilgore College Rangerettes

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If you want to know the value of a second, ask a hopeful right before sign drop. Drill team girls from all over Texas and even out of state have high hopes of becoming part of the future line of The Kilgore College Rangerettes. Every year the competition gets tougher and the girls hoping for a spot on the prestigious drill team are becoming more competitive and stronger dancers. I was one of these girls who decided to take a chance and endure a week long audition and hope to see my tryout number on the sign in Dodson Auditorium on July 17, 2015. Unfortunately, I was not one of the girls chosen for the 76th line of Rangerettes. Because of this I grew in a much different way, and I now see that timing is everything. On July 12, I headed to Kilgore College filled with mixed emotions and thoughts because it …show more content…

You could feel the nerves and anxiety of all the girls as we waited impatiently for the sign to drop and hopefully reveal our numbers. At that moment, all of us felt the same. Doubting ourselves, yet hoping for the best. I looked over at my roommate I had for the week as the sign fell before I looked at the sign. She immediately started crying and I looked up and did not see her number nor my number, but ultimately I knew my number was not supposed to be up there that year. In the moment everything seemed as if all my hard work had been suddenly take from me, but on the car ride back to my home I was so incredibly thankful and blessed that I was given such an amazing opportunity. I knew then that I had to audition again. The whole process of trying out for Rangerettes helped me grow in ways I never knew possible. I am much more humble and I appreciate everything that’s given to me and never do I take a moment for granted. I am blessed I get to take another year to train and grow and audition for the 77th line of Rangerettes next

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