Persuasive Homeless

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I am writing to you in hopes that we could make a change in the world to remove homeless off the street and find a second chance for them to better themselves into a new life. I believe that everybody deserves a second chance, but are not given this opportunity because their lives have been already in a hole and they can't get out of it within everybody on the streets the lost people who need our help and need us to take action in their next step for them so I ask you to help me create a program that can home these homeless and find them a job so that we could keep them going . I understand that helping all the homeless in the world will be hard I mean there are at least 564,708 and growing so, I believe that we set up a program like a van that goes through cities and helps them get clean clothing and take them our facility give them a opportunity to find …show more content…

I hope that you review my letter and seek it with interest instead of seeing it as a waste of money find it as an investment in the world as we invest our money in other stuff, let's also invest it to profit it clean the world up from being trashed because the homeless are on the streets for shelter let's improve the world for better with a program that sets the world up with a better structure. Sincerely

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